owned assets


We accurately valued Myers owned media assets and identified an incremental $30 million in revenue that could be unlocked through owned asset development

Following a valuation and audit of Myer’s owned media assets, Sonder was able to identify incremental commercialisation opportunities for their already large owned media asset base.

We evaluated their existing owned media asset footprint including digital assets and physical assets. We looked at every customer-facing touchpoint to identify opportunities to improve existing assets and develop new ones for commercial gain.

Our Valuation and Audit identified:

1. Media Asset Value and Commercial Potential

2. Opportunities to increase Commercial Potential while improving CX

3. Identification of audience volumes, profiles, influence and the role each owned asset plays in communication

4. The communication processes across paid, owned & earned channels

Sonder provided a clear benchmark of owned media asset strength and a compelling business case to develop further owned media assets.

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The first step to extracting greater value from existing assets is to value and audit them