What we do

Sonder turn lazy owned media channels into highly valuable owned media assets that provide revenue and leverage

We identify, unlock and commercialise your business’s owned media assets.

So what is an owned media asset? We define owned media as any consumer touchpoint you control: your stores, your website, your packaging, your database, your social media, your transport, your call centre and your catalogues.

All of these assets can be leveraged for commercial advantage.

How progressive businesses are leveraging owned media

Catch the highlights from Sonder’s recent breakfast event held at Cafe Sydney below. Hear from Michael Scott, Executive General Manager of Marketing at Myer department store and Jeremy Francis, ex-Virgin Australia.

3 Ways to extract value from owned assets

Owned media assets can be leveraged to create commercial advantage in 3 distinct ways.


Pathway to leveraging owned assets
In order to extract value from your owned assets Sonder has developed a proven pathway to leveraging owned assets. Each step delivers material gain to your business.

Applying Sonder’s proven formula for creating commercial advantage through owned assets, businesses can generate sustainable revenue streams.

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