Turn your media assets into revenue

Marketing budget holding you back?

Commercialisation of owned assets is proven to increase marketing budgets by up to 5 times. MAVmetric shows you how to leverage the media assets that you already own.

Create your own budget

MAVmetric opens up a whole new world of opportunity for marketers. Because now marketers can not only spend budget, they can create budgets.  

And a positive customer experience
Businesses all around the world are commercialising their media assets, without compromising customer experience. The secret is to partner with like-minded brands that add value to your customers.

“Harrods Media delivers an important contribution to Harrods Group bottom line with the added benefit of driving retail sales in-store”

Guy Cheston, Media Sales Director, Harrods Media

It's fast, accurate and easy

See how MAVmetric works in the demo video below.



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