Put a value on your media assets

Find out the revenue potential of your owned media assets

The first step to leveraging your owned assets is to know their media value.

MAVmetric is the only tool in the world that lets you quickly and accurately quantify the Media Asset Value (MAV) and revenue potential of your owned assets.


The global standard in owned media asset valuation

The tool covers 20 of the most valuable digital and physical owned media assets. The report is tailored to your business category, brand position, customer profile and the country you’re looking at.


Generate new, highly profitable revenue streams
Once you know the value of your media assets you can realise new revenue streams and leverage the assets in negotiations. Whether it is packaging, store real estate or digital media, your owned assets have a value to other brands.

Here are 3 ways Sonder can create commercial advantage for your owned media assets:

1. Your website
We access technologies that allow us to match audiences and serve ads programmatically. We only allow ads that fit with your brand and do not entice audiences away from your site. Brands like Telstra, Virgin and Microsoft are all generating significant revenues from advertising on their owned digital assets.

2. Your distribution footprint
If you have a high volume of foot traffic coming through your doors or even passing your shop window, then you have a valuable audience for advertisers. From digital screens in-store to payment screens, every physical consumer touchpoint can be explored for brand partner communication as well as your own.

3. Your packaging
Brands have recognised that packaging is prime real estate for years. Often, packaged goods penetration levels far outweigh traditional media vehicles. We work with several brands to monetise their packaging assets and create value for their customers along the way.

Carefully selected brand partnerships

Our utmost concern is ensuring any commercial partnership does not detract from your customer’s brand experience. In fact, we typically find customers welcome relevant content from like-minded companies.

Curious to know the revenue potential of your owned assets? Click below and let MAVmetric create your bespoke Media Asset Value report.