Sonder | Sonder is a specialist owned media consultancy
Let us unlock the true value of your owned media assets. Connect better, grow sales & create new revenue streams from your owned media assets.
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About Us

Our Story

The world’s first owned media specialist

After 20 years of guiding global brands through the ever-changing media & marketing landscape, our founders realised businesses were overlooking the huge value of their own assets as marketing channels.


In response, they created a unique software solution to value owned assets and a consultancy to guide businesses on sustainable asset monetisation.

Our Founders

Angus Frazer

With over 20 years international experience in media strategy and agency management, Angus has overseen the investment of billions in media across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Angus is an entrepreneur and Amazon bestselling author.

Jonathan Hopkins

Jonathan has led agencies, marketing teams & media owners. He was previously CMO for Vevo and Managing Director of strategic communications agency, Razor. Jonathan’s work has been awarded at Cannes, Media Festival Asia, MFA and M&M Europe.